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Dr Matt Ross had been my dentist for some time when due to an unfortunate accident I had to turn to Matt for real help.

After careful examination Matt concluded that the best solution in my case would be implants. 
Did that mean that I needed this complex treatment in Auckland?.... but Matt responded with a smile saying: "no, not at all I can do this in Whangarei!"- I jumped at the opportunity, not for the reason of setting medical records in Whangarei but for the promising magical solution for my dental health. 

The actual procedure of the implants went extremely well and on schedule. Throughout the whole treatment Matt was gentle and caring including even regular follow up phone calls.

I am very pleased and happy with the implants which has changed my life to an extent that I am willing to take the challenge to bite into any apple presented to me on a fruit bowl not to mention the thickest steaks.

Thank you Matt - I most certainly endorse Dr Matt Ross as an excellent implantologist.

~ Attila

I have had numerous procedures done on my teeth, including crowns and an implant.  After sitting down with Matt and discussing all options, we created my 3 year treatment plan.  


1 year to go and I love my new smile.  I didn’t even feel the injections and he is so gentle, it made the whole experience actually enjoyable, especially the end result.

I now go yearly for a general check-up and twice a year to see Kim the Hygienist.

I recommend Matt to everyone who wants to hear about a professional, painless dental experience.

~ Shelley

At the age of 70, I was a little afraid of making the decision to have implants...


However, no matter how good my dentures were, the bottom denture caused embarassment. I found when I was eating out in company I stressed out, because the plate felt as though it moved when talking and was worse with food. I imagined it may one day slip out of my mouth and land on my plate!

The whole procedure of implants for the bottom plate went very smoothly. I was fully informed of my treatment options. The procedure was painless. The attention given to me before the procedure and the follow up after showed a highly professional attitude and a great deal of empathy.

My confidence has returned and I would recommend dental implants to all denture wearers, as it can indeed change your life.

~ Edith

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