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Immediate Dentures

Dentures have long been used to replace missing teeth. In years gone by they were carved out of wood. Dentures are still custom-made to fit your mouth comfortably and resemble your natural teeth, using modern, strong and aesthetic materials such as acrylic and chrome cobalt metal.

Full immediate dentures are made to be fitted on the day of extractions so that patients will not usually have to wait any period of time without teeth. There are follow-up appointments to soft (temporarily) reline the denture as the gum heals and shrinks. After about six months, the denture is given a final hard (permanent) reline to improve the fit. As it is a removable denture it will require regular cleaning and should ideally be taken out at night.

With age, the mouth will continue to change shape, affecting the fit of the denture. This is due to the natural remodelling of the jawbone following tooth removal. Over time a replacement denture may be required or further hard relines needed to maintain the fit and maximise the function and comfort of the denture.

The dentures can be made to be implant-retained if retention of the denture is a problem. There are removable and permanent screw-retained options. This helps stop the denture moving and rubbing during daily use and improves the patients’ confidence when eating and talking in public.

Benefits include:
●    Improved ability to eat
●    Improved speech
●    Improved comfort 
●    Can be designed not to cover the palate (roof of the mouth)
●    Can support the face, giving a more youthful appearance
●    Implants help maintain the bone, stimulating it and reducing the body’s natural resorption process

Matt has a Diploma in Implant Dentistry from the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, making him well-qualified to explain your dental implant options.

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