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Dental Hygiene is an essential part of maintaining a healthy mouth. We offer a regular recall system to help patients achieve this, in conjunction with oral hygiene advice to help patients at home.

Hygienists clean the teeth, removing plaque and calculus that accumulates over time. If not done regularly this may lead to bleeding gums, gum disease and bone loss, bad breath, and eventually tooth loss.

Patients should aim to see a hygienist once every six months. If they suffer from gum disease they may need to be seen more often.

Kim, our experienced hygienist, is highly regarded. She is caring, attentive and very friendly. It is quite common for her to use local anaesthetic so that the patient is comfortable. She can then do a thorough job and gain the maximum benefit from her treatment.


Seeing Matt first for X-rays is recommended, so Kim can have a better picture of where the problem areas might be in the patient’s mouth.

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